Patio Stones & Pavers

Campton® Paver

The modular 6-inch wide Campton plank paver combines beauty with project durability. Multiple laying patterns and color banding options allow for maximum design creativity with a product that is ideal for patios, walkways, edging and pool decks. 


CamptonPaver_Woodunit.png   Wood finish also available in select markets.

Unit Specifications

Height Width Length Weight
2⅜" 6" 18" 20 lbs
60mm 152mm 457mm 9 kg

Unit color, dimensions, weight & availability varies by manufacturer.


Use this chart to estimate the number of Campton® Paver units you will need.

Project Square Feet50'(15.2m)100'(30.5m)150'(45.7m)200'(61.0m)250'(76.2m)300'(91.4m)350'(107m)