Patio Stones & Pavers

Alameda® Patio Stone

The naturally-weathered look of Keystone’s Alameda patio stone provides an element of customization to every walkway, patio or hardscape project. Single unit installation simplifies the creation of stunning outdoor spaces, transforming your project into a showpiece. 

Complete your Alameda patio with the complementing Alameda wall and Alameda edger units.

Unit Specifications

Height Width Depth Weight
2⅜" 11" 13" 26 lbs
60mm 279mm 330mm 12 kg

Unit color, dimensions, weight & availability varies by manufacturer.


UnitTN_AlamedaPatio.jpg     One unit size - two unique faces.

Use this chart to estimate the number of Alameda® Patio Stone units you will need.

Project Square Feet50'(15.2m)100'(30.5m)150'(45.7m)200'(61.0m)250'(76.2m)300'(91.4m)